Training Services
  Dr. Payne supports churches and community groups in their quest to implement effective and compassionate Domestic Violence (DV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) resources for victims. 

Dr. Payne offers three diverse packages that make up a turn-key, customizable training service for churches and community groups. Each participant organization can choose their level of involvement with victims. Either select one package, two, or even all three to get started with your Domestic Violence Ministry. The objective of each package is to give the organization the tools to gain experience and awareness related to domestic violence issues and implement strategies to directly help victims.

Training Services

Planning Package 1:
Facts about Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

With this package, participants will learn general information about domestic violence topics and issues while also obtaining concrete resource information from DV agencies that will help position them to provide emotional and spiritual support to victims.

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Completion of Package 1 will entails: 

Training and guidance through two modules, participation in Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails with Dr. Payne. 

Planning Package 2:
Becoming a

Once participants are ready to put what they’ve learned into action, they can join Dr. Payne to learn the steps to becoming a resource and support system for victims. Participants will learn things like counseling basics, safety planning, protective orders and more. 

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Completion of Package 2 will entails: 

Training and guidance through four modules, participation in Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails with Dr. Payne. 

Planning Package 3:
Implementation for a Better Future

Package 3 is where it all comes together. Learn how to turn what you’ve learned into a fully developed Domestic Violence Ministry within your organization. Allow Dr. Payne to share with you a hands-on approach to creating a ministry that will lead to a better future for victims. 

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Completion of Package 3 will entail:

Training and guidance through eight modules, participate in Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails with Dr. Payne.

 Volunteer leaders connect with a domestic violence agency, attend domestic violence workshops and conferences on the local and state levels, attend interfaith conferences, recruit volunteers to join the ministry team, determine their knowledge of the subject, their gifts and provide training, develop a presentation to the pastor to encourage a sermon on the topic of domestic violence, create pamphlets, brochures,  and flyers (publications and communication).

Speaking Events

Dr. Payne

Dr. Payne has spoken at various events. Invite her to speak with you and your ministry via Web Video (Zoom, Skype, etc.)


Dr. Payne can share her experience with you to assist with Proposal Writing and other services.

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